Luke Gregory Hair 

Scalp Rituals

Luke Gregory Hair has Customized Scalp Rituals which are scalp treatments designed to help with a variety of scalp issues or purely for relaxation. During your consultation we will give a scalp analysis, scalp brushing, Scalp treatment (featured below) scalp massage, Scented hot towel and relaxation mist.



A Scalp Ritual designed to soothe and calm Scalp discomfort, and irritation. Perfect for rebalancing the scalp, reducing redness and creating a more supple and healthy scalp

A Scalp Ritual designed to reset your scalps sebum production, and ph balance of your scalp. This treatment is designed to remove any sebum build up and regulate production.


A Scalp Ritual designed to remove impurities off the scalp, circulate blood flow, Balance out your scalps ph levels and reset your scalps environment in general. This treatment is perfect for those with an unruly scalp 

Key ingredients - Peppermint, Micro Exfoliant 

Any of our Scalp Rituals can be combined into a dual treatment with

one of our mid length and ends treatments, creating a full scalp to ends service.

Mid length and Ends 

Hydrating - Mids to ends treatment designed to rehydrate the hair from the inside out, increasing shine and vitality

Rebuilding - Mids to ends treatment designed to replenish lipids and protein bonds that have been broken/removed from the hair due to colour, sun, heat, chemical damage or external factors. Leaving the hair nourished, restrengthened and with improved elasticity and integrity.

Key ingredients - Aloe, Lavender and Chamomile

Key ingredients - Tea Tree and Apple Cider Vinegar

Customised Colour Treatments 

At Luke Gregory Hair we have Customised Colour Treatments which we blend especially for you to help maintain your colour at home against fading and loss of intensity.


We use a high quality base treatment and add to it a custom blend of pigments to help keep that colour illuminated between your visits with us.


They are a 200ml size jar which is plenty of product for between your visits. Then when you next come to see us bring in your reusable jar and we can use it to mix your next treatment in.

Paint Colors