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Curly Hair Sessions

Curly Hairdresser Ipswich


A technique where by each curl is cut individually and in a way as to not disrupt the curl pattern, our Curly girl methods and approved products are used to keep the curls hydrated, controlled but still full of life.

No matter your hair type, straight to curly, we have a hairdresser at our Ipswich salon who will style your hair to suit your lifestyle and vision. Our stylists have years of experience cutting, styling, treating, and colouring hair. If you love your hair curly, we’re the salon for you. Our stylists can create all types of wavy or curly styles and sleek straight styles.


We understand curly hair and offer treatments to hydrate and rejuvenate the bounce in your curls. If you have curly hair, then we’re the hairdresser for you.


What Our Hair Salon Provides for Curly Hair


Our stylists understand the various types of curly hair and how to cut, style and treat it. So make an appointment to have your locks professionally cared for.


  • Our senior stylist, Molly, has studied the Curly Girl Method and provides training sessions on how you can apply the Curly Girl Method for your curls. After that, she will enroll you in the curl maintenance program to assist you in achieving your hair’s curl memory.

  • Our purifying and rebalancing scalp rituals are very beneficial for curly hair, whether you are following the Curly Girl Method or not.

  • If you have unruly, frizzy hair, our Keratin Smoothing Treatment is what your hair needs. During an obligation-free consultation, our stylist will assess your hair and work out the best treatment option for your hair.


If your hair is wavy or curly, we have a hairdresser in Ipswich that will help you achieve locks that you will be proud of.

Your first session will be curl discovery, which is designed for new clients to the curly girl method, over our two hour session we walk through the ethos of the curly girl method, we identify your curl type, and do a tailored curl by curl cut, followed by a deep hydration curl treatment, and curl styling session.

your follow up appointment is our curl maintenance program, which is suggested to book every 12 weeks. 

during this hour session, we will rehydrate and re shape your curls, 

and check in to see how your curly girl method routine is going at home, this is integral to achieving the best results for your curl memory.

Preparation for your Sessions : your hair must be clean, dry, down and its in curliest possible state with no clips, pins or ties, this allows us to identify the curl type without being disrupted, and achieve the best results out of your curl by curl cut.

Stylist Recommendations: every curly client needs a tool kit, which will be discussed during your consultation at curl discovery, and discussed also throughout your curl maintenance program.

For pricing please contact the salon.

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