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This is where the deals are wheeled 

Every Month at Luke Gregory Hair in North Ipswich we have a new deal going, So make sure yo check back and see what's happening. If you want to be kept more in the loop be sure to subscribe on our landing page and you will receive emails with updates and deals that are coming up before they are put up here.

Our FIRST Birthday!!!

5th April 2023 marks our 1st Birthday 

and to celebrate we are giving you an extra $50 value on a $200 gift voucher !!!!

Thats right spend $200 on a gift voucher between the 1st and the 8th of April 2023 and we will give you an extra $50 value ($250 to spend for $200)

Liquid Shampoo

Do you have trouble curling your own hair at home??

Well the Bondi Boost Airburst Iron is for YOU!!!!

Shaped like a curling tong but with cooling vents on the exterior to help make your curl cool faster and set better, 360 degree swivel cord, up to 220 degrees heat setting. Curling/waving/straightening capabilities!!! this tool is for you!!! 


Available in store today!!!!


Awkward Blowdrying
No More!!

Tired of the tangling up in cords and the confusion of not knowing where to put your brush in relation to the dryer when blowdrying your hair at home??? 

Fret No More!!

We have in stock the Bondi Boost Blowout Brush which makes blowdrying and styling your hair at home so much easier and less stressful.


Available in store now!


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