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Keratin Smoothing Treatment 

Here at Luke Gregory Hair we offer Brasil Cacau Keratin Smoothing Treatment, to help control your unruly hair.

Below are the appointment sessions for a Keratin Smoothing Treatment for you to read and understand the procedure.

Appointment Sessions for Keratin Smoothing System

Session 1: Obligation Free Consultation. This is for new guests to our salon, even if you have had a Keratin Smoothing Treatment before but are new to Luke Gregory Hair we require you to have this first session. This session is free of charge and takes approximately 30 minutes.

During this session we will go through with you and assess your hair type, density, texture, damage level and also chat with you about lifestyle, styling time, haircare regime to establish whether a Keratin Smoothing Treatment is actually the best procedure for your needs. During this session we will also be able to quote you the cost of the treatment which is inclusive of the toolkit required for your at home maintenance. If going ahead with the service a deposit will be taken and the next session will be booked for you.

Session 2: The Treatment. At this session we will go over with you the steps involved and whether any of your needs have changed etc. and will then start the process of the Keratin Smoothing Treatment. This treatment from start to finish can take anywhere from 2.5 - 4.5 hours depending on the required amount of processing for your hair.

Session 3: this will take place 7 days after your 2nd session and will involve a complimentary Shampoo, Hydrating Treatment and flat iron straightening to ensure that the keratin smoothing has set in properly and also to check that you are managing the maintenance program and toolkit at home.

* please note: upon booking your second session with us a $100 non refundable deposit will be taken. for more information visit the "legal stuff" page and scroll down to our Deposit terms and conditions.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment


People often spend hours at the mirror and purchase countless products each month to achieve celebrity smooth hair. However, at Luke Gregory Hair, you can save yourself much time with one simple treatment.


Our Brasil Cacau Keratin Smoothing treatment assists with removing frizz from your hair by applying keratin products and sealing the effect using a flat iron. A keratin smoothing treatment is ideal for those who love the smooth hair look but don’t always have the time. Our popular Keratin treatment is a process that uses Keratin derived from natural sources to help smooth and relax the hair - it will not make the hair straight but will make it much easier to manage and make it more controllable and less frizzy.


What You Should Know About Our Keratin Straightening Treatments


Before booking your appointment, ensure you have ample time to sit through the process. Here’s some information about what you can expect during your keratin straightening appointment:


  • First, your stylist will shampoo your hair and blow it out to remove all moisture.

  • Next, they will apply the keratin product to your hair and let it absorb and set.

  • Next comes the blow-dry and flat iron to lock in the product. It is important to use the shampoo and conditioner your stylist suggests to keep your hair straight for longer since these products are designed specifically for keratin-treated hair.


At Luke Gregory Hair, we have helped many people achieve silky soft smooth hair, so if you want this look visit us soon.

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